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Century Manor Heritage Project

The Century Manor Heritage Project was initiated by a 4th Year History Practicum Project of 4 students mentored by 3 heritage advocates and consultants to unearth the significance of Century Manor through historical research and analysis.

​The students divided the work into themes - history, architectural and environmental significance, the political situation surrounding the site and the problems facing Century Manor. 

This web site was created to present their findings and as a means to record and inform the public and governments of the necessity of protecting, preserving and adaptively reusing this 1886 Victoria heritage building and site for a worthwhile purpose.

Contributors to the site are the McMaster University History students, Bennett Swan, Salome Rodriguez Solarte, Allison Harper and Joseph Gard assisted by Diane Dent, Carol Priamo and Janice Brown. Many research sources were used and an extensive bibliography is included.

Century Manor was designated by the City in 1997 a significant heritage resource as the last remaining structure of the Hamilton Asylum complex on the Mountain Brow. This designation was meant to protect the site from alteration or demolition. 


But in 2020, Century Manor was threatened when the Provincial government placed a Ministerial Zoning Order that allowed development to occur on this site.  In response to the possibility of demolition of Century Manor, Hamiltonians and other heritage advocates in other cities organized and formed groups to rally in its defense and ask to have the historic building  repurposed in a way that honours its history and continues to serve the community.

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