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Friends of  CENTURY MANOR  Incorporated 



Rob Hamilton AND Diane Dent: Co-Chairs

Roberta Harman: Treasurer

John Kajaste: Secretary

Debra Mills: Membership 

Protect & Preserve Century Manor


  • Demolition of Century Manor is Disrespectful of the Environment.

  • Demolition of Century Manor is Disrespectful of the people who may have been treated unjustly.

  • Demolition of Century Manor is Disrespectful of our Cultural Identity.


    Hamiltonians and other heritage advocates in other cities have organized and formed groups to rally in defense of Century Manor and ask to have the Manor repurposed in a way that honours its history and continues to serve the community.

The Friends of Century Manor was incorporated in 2020 in response to the impending threat of demolition from a Ministerial Rezoning Order to remove the 1876 heritage building and use the site for a housing development. Our mandate is to protect, preserve and restore Century Manor for adaptive reuse by overturning this provincial order and possibly reinstating the previous proposal for the incorporation of Century Manor as a Mohawk College student facility. Century Manor was designated by the City in 1997 a significant heritage resource as the last remaining structure of the Hamilton Asylum complex on the Mountain Brow. This designation is meant to protect the site from alteration or demolition.

An Organized Response

Send a letter to your MPP to Preserve Century Manor

A letter has been written to send to all Ontario's MPPs and other relevant government officials which asks them to take action to preserve Century Manor as a heritage landmark site.  If you support the preservation of Century Manor, download this letter and send it to the Ontario Government  Premier Doug Ford, and your MPP.

The letter shown below is available for download as a PDF through this link: 

Save Century Manor Letter


Add your signature to a petition at:  Save Century Manor Petition


Please Register to attend a Century Manor Townhall Meeting, Wed July 28, 7pm  where a group of interested citizens will meet to discuss the future of Century Manor. Click here: Century Manor Townhall Meeting to register.

Thank you in advance for your support to preserve this monument for present and future generations.

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